Pwll Du Cave Management Group

The meeting commenced at 1045 hours with the following in attendance. -
Name Representing
Boyd Potts (Secretary) Orpheus C.C.
Ben Lovatt (Conservation Officer) Morgannwg C.C.
Sue Mabbett (Access Officer) South Wales C.C.
Ali Garman (Survey Officer) Draenan Diggers.
Rhian Hicks (Biological Recorder)
Pete Bolt Bristol Exploration Club.
Martin Laverty Grwp Ogofeydd Garimpeiros.
Chris Densham (Trustee) Oxford University C.C.
Ian Wilton-Jones Brynmawr C.C.
John Cooper Chelsea S.S.
Dominic Sealy Wessex C.C.
Owen Clarke Cwmbran C.C.
Charles Bailey (Trustee) -
Elsie Little Cambrian C.C. representative.
Jonathan Cooper Observer (OUCC).

1. The Chairman:

In the absence of the Chairman, Pete Bolt was elected as Acting Chairman for the duration of the meeting.

2. Apologies:

Ursula Collie, Mick Day(Chairman), Andy Farrant (Geological Recorder).

3. Minutes of the meeting 10th June 2001: (Previously circulated).

3(a) It was agreed unanimously: "That the minutes be accepted as a true record."

3(b) Matters arising. Item 4(c)ii. Lock replaced and other work carried out as listed.

4. Officers Reports:

4(a) Secretary:

i. Information received on 23rd November from Pwll Du Conservation Ltd. Access to the cave is now open; a request to keep boots as clean as possible when going to and from the area. Thanks were recorded to the land owner for this information.

ii. Some correspondence with CSS. See agenda item 5.

4(b) Treasurer:

Promised attendance did not materialise. BP to contact. ***Failure to attend due to broken down vehicle and other circumstances.*** ***Accounts etc. now received from Treasurer and along with Insurance details have been enclosed with a postal copy of these minutes.***

4(c) Permit Secretary:

i Trip record for November 2000 to November 2001 was circulated. No record for Nov. 2000 due to missing log book. Low totals for the rest of the year due to F&M. Believe all trips were recorded.

ii. Noted that the new log book is easier to use and decipher in its present position. We must expect a fairly busy period now the cave has reopened.

iii. Bookings are now regularly made by E.Mail.

4(d) Conservation Officer:

i. A Draft Policy document has been circulated by BL. Noted that everyone had only just received this and it needed to be more widely circulated and studied before being commented on. It was suggested that we send comments to BL for him to collate and produce a second draft well before the next meeting. This can then be thoroughly discussed at the next meeting This was agreed. Comments were received from or made at t he meeting by AF, EL, ML and others. It was suggested that a brief document of bullet points may be useful if backed up by a more detailed paper.

ii. Noted that we need to include the above with all our other policies. There was discussion on this. Request by RH that the latest versions be placed on the website.

iii. EL queried whether there was any further information on SSSI status. Noted that there was no known progress.

4(e) Survey Secretary:

i. A new file has recently been found. Seems to be a G3 survey of part of Wyvern Series. Discussion on this and comments made by DS and IW-J. Agreed that the derivation of this be checked with Wessex surveyors and JS

ii. Rest of survey information has now been sent to RH for inclusion on the website, hopefully in the next few days.

4(f) Biological Recorder:

i. As the cave has been unused for several months RH requested that the next few trips note any possible changes and pass on the information.

ii. BL suggested a Bat count in Megadrive might be a useful exercise.

4(g) Geological Recorder:

i. AF not present but some comments forwarded. Stated he would be willing to write any necessary Geological report for the Conservation document.

ii. PB has some mineral deposit results obtained from the cave.

iii. OC commented on Millstone Grit deposits.

5. Correspondence with CSS:

BP had already circulated copies of his and The CSS secretary's letters.

i. The Group gave full support to the letter sent by BP to the CSS secretary. Section 6 in the letter was particularly noted; "In the past the Surveyors have been asked to apply for representation but have never done so. An application giving their reasons and offering support for the Group could be put to the n ext meeting." No reply to this has been received!

ii. A long discussion ensued about the G5 surveyors. Agreed that the committee has tried to work with them but are getting no positive responses in return. However we will keep up a dialogue as far as is possible.

6. Possible Surveyor representation:

Item 5 was noted and this item withdrawn.

7. Any Other Business:

7(a) Agreed we need to collate all the Documents/Policies produced by the Group.

Holders/Producers of the policies are as follows;

Access (inc Code of Conduct).-- SM.

Survey. -- AG.

Conservation/Taping/Entrances. -- BL.

Fixed Aids/Constitution. -- BP.

7(b) Balcony Pitch Ladder. OC reported progress. Stainless steel available. Rungs to be manufactured as soon as possible. Offers of help were made. Exact pitch length needs to be supplied to OC once the rigging position is finalised.

7(c) Constitutional amendments. Various minor alterations need to be made to the constitution to bring it up to date. Also suggested that we think about changing section 6.1 to; "at least one meeting a year." BP to circulate suggested modifications before the next meeting.

7(d) Trustees. There was a discussion on these. Agreed we keep the status quo for the present.

7(e) Noted we still had no communication or representation from Croydon C.C. BP to write to their secretary to query this.

8. Date of Next Meeting:

Discussion on whether to change the venue or day of the meeting. Agreed we arrange the next meeting for a Saturday evening. Suggested Saturday 8th June 2002 at the Lamb and Fox. To be confirmed.

The meeting closed at 1210 hours.

B. Potts.
Hon. Secretary.