Draenen Access


Access to Draenen is only allowed through the main entrance on Gilwern Hill above Blaenavon. The entrance is at Grid Reference SO 2467:1176, Altitude: 362m (shown on the map below). The cave should be approached by the path from the road by the Pwll Du Adventure Centre.

The car park opposite the (sadly now closed) Lamb and Fox pub has been blocked off. Please park sensibly elsewhere and do not block access to the farm or the adventure centre.


The cave is gated and padlocked and requires a key to get in. Keys are held by several of the member clubs of the PDCMG, so if you are member of one of these getting a key should be straightforward. Multi-club trips are also allowed as long as one of the members is from a key-holding club, so this may be another option if you know someone from such a club.

Caving clubs can also request a temporary key from the Permit Secretary. Please send a request to the address below with the following:

  • The name of the club you are applying on behalf of
  • The address you would like a key sent to
  • A £10 cheque for a key deposit
  • A large letter stamp
PDCMG Permit Secretary
10 Danygrug

Conditions of Access

It is a requirement of access to the cave that all trips in the cave are logged; there is a logbook installed at Cairn Junction within the cave for this purpose. Please report any shortages of pencils or paper to the Secretary. Please also follow the Code of Conduct.

Entrance Politics

The political controversy surrounding Draenen entrances has been possibly the most contentious issue in British caving over the past decade.

Although Draenen currently has more than one entrance, using one of these (or digging a new one!) is against the current Access Policy agreed between the PDCMG member clubs and the landowner (Pwll Du Conservation Ltd). Contravening this could bring you into conflict with the landowner, or get you involved in some pretty hairy caving politics. As an example of how seriously people take the issue, the police have been involved at various times by national bodies and various interested parties.

The policy on additional entrances is currently being reviewed. In the meantime, please don’t exacerbate the situation, and don’t let the politics put you off visiting one of the UK’s greatest caves.